Extra Camper Water Tank

Do you ever wish your camper water tank was bigger? Do you wish you could install an extra camper water tank somewhere. If you camper is like most others, you freshwater capacity is much smaller than your dump tanks.

Camping in Ohio, most of the state parks we go to don’t have water at the sites . It seemed like every time we went camping I wish I had about 10 more gallons of water . Every time the kids wash their hand I wish I had an extra camper water tank just for them.

My camper has 1 fresh water tank that holds between 40 and 50 gallons of water. I have one black tank , a grey tank for the bathroom and another grey tank for the kitchen. I don’t know exactly but I have 2 or 3 times the dump tank capacity

First I bought a few more hoses which with my hoses and borrowing hoses from friends , we could add water to our campers if there was water within 300 ft .

My second attempt at a solution was I bought a water jug to fill my tank and used it once. It was heavy and took too many trips . I don’t know what happened to it , it either blew out of my truck bed or a left it a campsite but either way I didn’t miss it one bit.

One day I decided to take my 35 gallon tank and set it up to gravity feed to my camper I just added a hose bib to the drain hole. The tank fits perfectly in between my fifth wheel hitch and the front of the bed. It takes a little while to gravity feed maybe 20 minutes but it works great . The tank stays in my truck bed all of camping season. I eventually hooked up a water pump to the tank just because I bought a new one, but it inst necessary, just speeds up the process a little bit. So i can get back to napping or drinking sooner.

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