Camping with Kids

Campers aren’t designed for infants and toddlers.

When we started camping we had an infant. One of our biggest concerns when buying our first camper is where will the baby sleep ? Bunks are great for older kids but babies can roll off them .

Our camper has a slide out which gives us lots of room to put a Pack and play in the center of the camper.

If you don’t have a slide out , the only place we could come up with to put it would be to set up the dinette table as a bed , remove the cushions and place the pack and play on the dinette. We tried that once in our camper but we didn’t like it , while it gave us more floor space it was too high up for us to get the baby out easily .

We also wanted a camper with a bathtub which comes in handy to wash the kids off when our friends tell them to go jump in a mud puddle. I wont mention any names here . Yes that happens every time it rains.

When we had to repair the rear wall from water damage we also added an outside shower to the back wall of the camper .

The Bunk beds will eventually be used for sleeping , but with young kids the top bunk is mainly used for storage.

The kids really like to sleep on the couch ( so they can fall asleep watching a movie) or stay up really late watching a movie.

With some creativity your camper can function as a nursery on the go while keeping your little one as safe as at home.

Here are some products on amazon that we recommend. The small Pack and play i believe will fit in between the dinette benches but i recommend you you measure the space you have before ordering it.

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