Expand Your Grey Tank Capacity

Have you noticed your grey tank always fills up when camping for a weekend? Did you ever wish there was a quick easy way to get rid of some of that water without taking it to the dump station ? You can easily expand your grey tank capacity by using your black tank which never fills up .

As long as both of your tanks dump in the same place you can add a third valve without any tools.

Twist On Waste Valve, Boxed - Valterra.com
Valterra T-58

By simply adding this valve where your sewer cap is , you can open both your grey and black tank valves and allow the water levels to equalize. Since your grey tank is the full tank, the force is higher coming from that tank. Therefore you don’t need to worry about filling your grey tank with sewage.

If you fill both tanks you can always get a portable tank to dump into and take to the dump station. I personally like the tanks that have all the wheels on the ground that you don’t have to lift up once they are full with water .

Amazon.com: Barker (30844) 4-Wheeler Tote Tank - 42 Gallon ...
Barker 42 Gallon

Now that you can get rid of extra water and expand your grey tank capacity see how I get more water to my camper when we camp for long weekends without water hookups on my post here .