Choosing a camper

There are many things to consider when choosing a camper or RV.

Your first thing to consider will be a drivable RV or one that will be towed.

You also have to consider where you will store it , what you will tow it with and how many people will be using it .

There are many types of towable campers . Pop-ups, hybrids, travel trailer, fifth wheels, toy haulers and all of these have the option to have a slide out or multiple slides . They all have advantages and disadvantages depending on your needs.


Starting with the Pop-up , it is the smallest can be towed by almost anything with a trailer hitch and can sleep up to 8 people . These tiny transformers are an upgrade from a tent and are even available with Air conditioners. They do take some time to setup and don’t have tons of storage . Most pop ups don’t have a toilet or shower.


The hybrid campers are half travel trailer half pop up. The beds fold out from the ends and the center is like a travel trailer with a full bathroom and full-size ( camper full size ) refrigerator. These can be towed by a small suv with a tow package.


The travel trailer comes in all shapes and sizes and is the most common type of campers out there. There are many different layouts which are usually abbreviated in the model name.

BH- Bunk House

RK – Rear Kitchen

RL – Rear Living

S-Indicates it has a slide out .

Be sure to look at the trailer weight and know your tow vehicles towing rating before purchasing a trailer that is too heavy. Always use a weigh distribution hitch with sway control to prevent trailers away.


Fifth wheel campers are the larger of them all. They are towed by a fifth wheel hitch in the bed of the truck . They are much taller than the other campers and usually have a bedroom in the front over the hitch. Fifth wheel campers don’t experience trailer sway like bumper pull trailers . But you give up most of your bed for the hitch.

Choosing a camper which will work for you is easy, find it may be a little harder sometimes.

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