Blackout Shades for Camper

We decided to put Blackout shades in out camper because trying to get kids to take a nap in a camper was getting to be a chore , last year i put vent insulators in to block the light coming in the roof vents. I also bought a roll of bubble foil insulation which i cut to put in the windows in the main areas.

Blackout Cellular Shades

These 2 things made the camper dark inside, almost dark enough that the kids didn’t wake up at sunrise when we were camping .

In the Master bedroom I installed Blackout cellular shades. They were a little more expensive than the foil they were around $30 each, but they open and close easily and they look great . They are easy to install and seem to be more child proof than the mini blinds that were up there before.

Tip ** In wood frame Campers there is always a 2″x2″ square frame around the windows to screw the brackets to.**

Home Depot has these in stock and can cut them to whatever size you need. Just make sure you choose the room darkening ones. especially if you like to nap during the day or put kids to sleep while its light outside.

The Blackout Cellular shades work so good that this year we decided to splurge and put them in the main area of the Camper. The large ones were almost $70 each but the convenience and the look make it all worth while .

Blackout Shades

Here is what we used . Its kind of hard to see them online its much easier to find them in the store